Our original fine art prints are digitally painted by Australian artist Ben Hoole (Ben runs Happenstance & Whimsy with his wife, Jacqueline) spanning a range of styles and subject areas. Ben's digital paintings are typically heavily influenced by classic traditional art styles, and are characteristically detailed, stylised and powerful. Ben places a strong emphasis on colour and visual texturing in his works.

Ben is a prolific full-time artist and is producing new art prints every week.

Ben personally prepares our fine art prints for giclee printing by our trusted Australian fine art printers, meaning that your art is faithfully reproduced to the highest quality standards as intended by the artist, ensuring correct composition, fidelity/ resolution and accurate colour reproduction.

By purchasing art prints directly from the artist, you are ensuring that your work is personalised, rather than mass-produced/ mass-marketed, and that your purchase directly supports the work's creator (many marketplace sites claim to support independent artists, whilst, in fact, only paying artists an unsustainably small percentage of each sale).

If you require our prints in alternate sizes - or have other custom requirements - please contact us and, provided the original art supports your requirements, we'll endeavour to meet your needs.