Happenstance & Whimsy is owned and operated by Australian creatives Ben and Jacqueline Hoole.

Ben Hoole (MBA., MPET., B.Comm.)

Ben's been an avid multimodal artist (writing, photography and visual art) since childhood, and has been a prolific commercial web, graphic and product designer/ digital artist for much of the past 20 years.

Ben holds an undergraduate degree in commerce, a Master's degree in business administration and a Master's degree in professional education and training. He has 30 years small business experience, and has run our Australian company (Maestro Arts Pty. Ltd.) since 2001.

When not creating art, or running our company, Ben can typically be found in the gym or dojang - he's a black belt martial artist who's been heavily involved in bodybuilding and boxing/ martial arts for over 30 years. He also runs our companion website, ANARK® (https://anark.com.au), from which we distribute our sporting goods and clothing lines.

Jacqueline Hoole (nee. Manditch) - Betty Bunhead & Friends (Betty Bunhead Headwear)

A classical ballet teacher with over 30 years experience, Jacqueline has - over the years - trained some of the country's leading dancers, including Olivia Bell, Principal Dancer with The Australian Ballet 2007-2013, Ella Havelka, (The Australian Ballet), and a number of other soloists and other artists who have danced with the Australian Ballet and other professional companies. Jacqui's depth of professional experience within the dance industry has enabled her to develop a keen eye for what works - and what doesn't - on stage, and this is reflected in her unique dance headwear designs.

After many previous years of designing dance costumes and headwear for her students, Jacqui launched Betty Bunhead & Friends with, quite possibly, the country's first commercial handmade dance tiaras way back in 2001. She's since designed for countless dancers and dance schools nationally, and, for nearly 20 years, refined her styles and manufacturing techniques to create stunning pieces that truly are in a class of their own.

Jacqueline's crafting and design skills extend well beyond her dance headwear, and we hope to feature a wider range of Jacqueline's work here shortly.

Jacqueline still teaches ballet (her dance studio - Garden City Dance - can be found at www.dancetoowoomba.com.au) and, like her husband and daughter, holds a black belt in Tae-Kwon Do.